Flooring Grade Descriptions

Flooring Grade Descriptions

We product wide hardwood flooring in two grades: FAS and Character. These are proprietary grades created by us and are not the same as the NOFMA industry grades for short, narrow flooring. Longer, wider flooring cannot be produced to the same stringent specifications of short, narrow flooring. Our flooring will require end trimming during installation. It will also require more effort to install, more wood filler and more sanding. We recommend gluing and nailing to subfloors. Installers will need to be made aware of these differences and requirements before installation begins.

FAS Grade
This is our best grade of flooring. Expect some pieces to be completely clear, but not all. Some pieces will have slight milling imperfections and small knots. Some of these defects will need to be cut out to achieve a completely clear, finished floor. Even with our best grade expect to use wood filler and liberal sanding to achieve the best result.

Character grade
This grade has much more rustic look. Expert more and larger knots, some holes and more cavity knots that will require more wood filler. expect some natural wood discoloration and slight milling imperfections with this grade; Always order 5% to 10% extra to allow for trim waste and defect removal during installation.

Although our flooring can be more difficult and time consuming to install, it is well worth the effort. The end result is a very unique and stunning floor for your home that will last for years to come.