Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood
Weathered Wood
Weathered Wood
Product Description

Kiln Dried to 10% M/C.

We lay these boards out to get a natural Gray appearance. Once they Gray, we restack and dry kiln them to 10% moisture content. These are not used or reclaimed, they are new boards that have a weathered appearance. Many will have seasoning cracks and knots. They are rough sawn and have circle saw marks. This is cheaper alternative to reclaimed barn boards. When used inside they have a nice weathered look and rustic appearance. For wall or ceilings.

Weathered Wood Pricing

SpeciesPer Sqft
Kiln Dried to 10 % MC, Rough Sawn,
Prices are subject to change. Priced Per Square Foot.
Pricing updated: January 2023