Yellow Pine Flooring

Yellow Pine Flooring
Yellow Pine Flooring
Yellow Pine Flooring
Product Description

For our Yellow Pine Specialty Products we use only slow growing Dense Logs, that have very close growth rings. This makes for more stable and better appearing products. This usually comes from U S Forest Service Land or from Pine that is mixed in with heavy hardwood stands. We do not use fast growing plantation pine.

Some flooring options fall prey to budgetary considerations which may be upsetting, particularly when grade and elegance are compromised to save money. Wide plank southern yellow pine floors are a smart option because they are a low-cost yet high-quality timber. Its natural beauty will leave your guests speechless all for a fraction of the price of other flooring materials.

As one of the toughest softwoods available, floors constructed from southern yellow pine will undoubtedly withstand the passage of time. It is so sturdy that it is used to construct wooden carnival rides. Whether you’re a skilled architect or a do-it-yourself lover, you cannot go wrong using this wood. Check out Market Timbers online if you’re looking to buy cork flooring in Perth.

Kiln Dried 10% M/C.

Yellow Pine Flooring Pricing

DimensionsCoverageType#1 500+ sqft#1 <500 sqft#2 500+ sqft#2 <500 sqft
1 X 43 ¼T&G Flooring$2.48$2.56$2.28$2.36
1 X 65"T&G Flooring$2.76$2.84$2.32$2.40
1 X 87"T&G Flooring$2.76$2.84$2.32$2.40
1 X 3 ½3 ½Porch Flooring$2.48$2.56$2.28$2.36
2 X 65"T&G Flooring$2.80$3.12$2.48$2.56
DimensionsCoverageType#1 1200+ lnft#1 <1200 lnft#2 1200+ lnft#2 <1200 lnft
1 X 43 ¼T&G Flooring$ .67$ .69$ .62$ .64
1 X 65"T&G Flooring$1.15$1.18$ .97$1.00
1 X 87"T&G Flooring$1.61$1.66$1.35$1.40
1 X 3 ½3 ½Porch Flooring$ .72$ .75$ .67$ .69
2 X 65"T&G Flooring$1.17$1.30$1.03$1.07
Prices are subject to change. Priced Per Square Foot -OR- Linear Foot
Kiln Dried
Pricing updated: September 2023