To manufacture our high quality products we start with the purchase of high grade logs. We saw these logs down into top quality lumber of many dimensions. This lumber is then air dried to a lower moisture content.

Some of this lumber is sold after being air dried while some is then kiln dried in our two dry-kiln machines. This lumber is dried down to around 8% moisture content. We store all our dry-kiln lumber in our 20,000 square foot warehouse.

We have a large planner mill, moulder, re-saw, and a 2 head planner that we use to manufacture the high quality products that we provide to our customers across the region.

We have recently started expanding our facility with a new building and a singular purpose of housing our manufacturing machines and production environment. The end goal of this structure and the multiple pieces of new equipment we have acquired is to increase our productivity levels in the fields of flooring and trim.

Here's a quick look at some pine flooring during production: