Moulding & Trim Profiles

These are the most popular moulding patterns we make, other patterns are available. We can make almost any pattern out of any species. Please Call 706-259-3241.

Yellow Pine, White Pine, Heart Pine, Alder, Ash, Basswood, Birch, Cherry, Cypress, Hickory, Maple, Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut.

*Note: Images not to scale.

Apron Patterns
CL-1 Apron
CL-2 Apron
Base Board Patterns
CL-21 Base Board
CL-22 Base Board
CL-23 Base Board
Back Band Patterns
CL-10 Back Band
CL-11 Back Band
CL-12 Back Band
CL-13 Back Band
CL-14 Back Band
CL-15 Back Band
Base Cap Patterns
CL-24 Base Cap
CL-25 Base Cap
Bed Mould Patterns
CL-31 Bed Mould
CL-32 Bed Mould
Bed Mould Patterns
CL-31 Bed Mould
CL-32 Bed Mould
Brick Mould Patterns
CL-41 Brick
CL-42 Brick
Casing Patterns
CL-51 Casing
CL-52 Casing
Chair Rail Patterns
CL-60 Chair Rail
CL-61 Chair Rail
CL-62 Mullion
CL-63 Chair Rail
Cove Moulding Patterns
CL-71 Cove
CL-72 Cove
CL-73 Cove
CL-74 Cove
Crown Patterns
CL-81 Crown
CL-82 Crown
CL-83 Crown
CL-84 Crown
CL-85 Crown
Flat Jamb Patterns
CL-91 Flat Jamb
CL-92 Flat Jamb
Landing Tread Patterns
CL-101 Landing Tread
CL-102 Landing Tread
Panel Mould Patterns
CL-103 Panel
CL-104 Panel
CL-105 Panel
CL-106 Panel
CL-107 Panel Mould
CL-108 Panel Mould
Quarter Round Patterns
CL-121 Quarter Round
CL-122 Quarter Round
S4S Patterns
CL-131 S4S
CL-132 S4S
CL-133 S4S
CL-134 S4S
CL-135 S4S
CL-136 S4S
CL-137 S4S
CL-138 S4S
CL-139 S4S
CL-141 S4S
CL-142 S4S
CL-143 S4S
CL-144 S4S
Shoe Patterns
CL-151 Shoe
CL-152 Shoe
Stop Patterns
CL-161 Stop
Window Stool Patterns
CL-171 Stool
CL-172 Stool
CL-173 Stool
CL-174 Stool
CL-175 Stool