Tongue & Groove Lumber

Tongue & Groove Lumber
Tongue & Groove Lumber
Tongue & Groove Lumber
Product Description

For our Yellow Pine Specialty Products we use only slow growing Dense Logs, that have very close growth rings. This makes for more stable and better appearing products. This usually comes from U S Forest Service Land or from Pine that is mixed in with heavy hardwood stands. We do not use fast growing plantation pine.

Kiln Dried 10% M/C.

Yellow Pine Tongue & Groove Pricing

DimensionsCoverageType#1 1200+ ln ft#1 <1200 ln ft#2 1200+ ln ft #2 <1200 ln ft
1 X 43.5"V-Groove or T&G no V$0.72$0.80$0.64$0.72
1 X 65"V-Groove or T&G no V$1.11$1.22$0.97$1.07
1 X 87"V-Groove or T&G no V$1.55$1.78$1.44$1.58
1 X 43.5"Beaded Ceiling$0.72$0.80$0.64$0.72
1 X 65"Beaded Ceiling$1.11$1.22$0.97$1.07
1 X 87"Beaded Ceiling$1.55$1.78$1.44$1.58
Prices are subject to change. Priced per Linear foot.
Pricing updated: JANUARY 01, 2021.